A New Year.

Happy (belated) Solstice and New Year!

We’re ready!

Ha, ha, ha. Are we humans truly ever ready for what new things await us around the corner? Let’s just say that we are as ready as we will ever be for this new year of 2019. And then there will be the surprises… Life is an exercise in humility and flexibility.

There’s so much we’ve been planning for and working on the last many months. Infrastructure, hydrology and soil building. Soon, we’ll be constructing our two high tunnels in order to extend our growing season. My husband built two more beautiful chicken coops and he and our son have started on the benches in our greenhouse which will hold the many trays that will also soon hold seeds of hope for another year full of flowers and produce. All three of us will then shift to building our roadside farm stand. We’re excited for its unveiling - and its curious manifestation - and will share the announcement of its grand opening when that time comes.

Our extended family and friends - young, old, and some reliant on wheels - continue to help throughout the week with planting, harvesting and the many projects on the property in exchange for connection, conversation, hands in the soil and eggs and produce. We couldn’t make this work without them. We also made the decision to put together a farm profile on the WWOOFER USA website, to see if we might attract a good mutual fit for this upcoming season. We’ve already had a number of exciting applicants, including a number of families.

We continue to be committed to a sustainable, organic approach and are incorporating permaculture practices, focusing on a whole, closed-looped system, as we further understand and work the land. Carbon sequestration/farming, bio-char production, food forest cultivation, and building healthy soil are all primary facets of our approach to the stewardship of this land. We have been reading, reading, reading, attending seminars, connecting with local farmers and registering for 2019 workshops.

We’ll make mistakes, have fun, laugh at ourselves and learn a whole lot about this land in the process. We will continue to celebrate even the simplest of accomplishments.

We will be selling our eggs and produce through Kitsap Fresh this year! We met Erin and Roni, Kitsap Fresh Founders, almost two years ago, completed our Producer profile a year and a half ago and are finally ready to join this wonderful collective of Kitsap County farmers.

You can find our Producer profile at Kitsap Fresh here where you can also order online. There are several pick-up locations throughout North Kitsap.

This year we will - finally - be offering U-Pick and DIY cut flowers by the bucket. We ask that you call (360-908-2100) or email (petalandpitchfork@gmail.com) ahead to make arrangements. Please plan ahead as last minute accommodations will only sometimes work given our busy days.

We have launched an email newsletter… In the footer of each page there is an opportunity to stay connected with our farm and receive news and updates. We promise not to flood your inbox. Oh, wait, this is our first post in six months…

We hope you enjoy the attached photos from the last few months of 2018 here on the farm, including a couple of stunning, frosty sunrises in December.

We hope that each and every one of you found quiet time at the end of this last year. It is something we’ve been working on - not filling our lives with unnecessary busyness, social media and noise, especially during a time of the year that asks us to go inward and reflect. Although we had work to do, we spent more intentional time the latter part of this year as a family, playing board games around the wood stove, out on the trails (several times in the snow), cooking together and reading books. It has left us feeling replenished and connected.

Our family wishes you all New Year blessings and hope that this renewed cycle of the seasons bring you joy and meaningful connection.


Stacy, Kelsey & Elliot… + Dutch (12 year old beagle), Jasper (15 month old border collie mix), Cinder (2 year old barn cat) and our 125+ chickens