Our eggs through Kitsap Fresh!

With the increasing daylight, our hens are now laying at an impressive rate. Our eggs are now available for purchase through Kitsap Fresh, a cooperative, online farmer’s market supporting small-scale farmers in Kitsap County. At the Kitsap Fresh website, you can shop for produce, dairy, meat, eggs, baked goods and other locally-produced food from small-scale famers and producers from around Kitsap County. For details on this model, visit the Kitsap Fresh homepage. We will continue to add produce, fruit and berry offerings to the Kitsap Fresh website throughout the growing season and will send updates on this, as well as on the opening of our road side farm stand, in our next email newsletter.

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Our ten year old son, Elliot, loves our flock and takes impressively good care of the roosters and hens. He has asked to be able to share his photos and his stories of his feathered friends with our supporters, so we have launched the “Our Flock” page at our website. He will also be writing a bio each week (“Chicken of the Week”) and will be including these cards within each of our dozen eggs sold.

Monday, February 11th, 2019.

Monday, February 11th, 2019.

Between February 8th and 11th, we received 20 inches of snow up here at 500’, at the crest of the Hood Canal Watershed. We had a jolly good time cross country skiing, sledding and fort building for well over a week and although it is lightly snowing up here as I type this, we are looking forward to greener pastures, getting into our fields (still under snow) and to the warmth of the Spring sunshine. We hear the robins and songbirds each morning, which serve as a melodious reminder that this next season is certainly just around the corner.

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In celebration of the longer days,

Stacy, Kelsey & Elliot