We are incredibly fortunate to be a part of a vibrant community here on the Kitsap Peninsula, and extending into Jefferson County, to include the communities of Port Townsend and Chimacum.

These rural areas are rich with a diversity of small business owners, artists, family farms and young people working hard to build their dream on the land.

In the spirit of community, here are some local folks that you’ll be happy to know about if you don’t already…


North Olympic Salmon Coalition

The North Olympic Salmon Coalition (NOSC) is a community-based non-profit organization that works with willing landowners and volunteers to perform salmon habitat restoration on the North Olympic Peninsula. The North Olympic Salmon Coalition works to promote robust wild salmon stocks for families, fishers, and local economies by furthering habitat restoration and education on the North Olympic Peninsula. NOSC is one of fourteen Regional Fisheries Enhancement Groups in Washington State dedicated to salmon recovery.

Did you know that through NOSC, and in support of their organization, you cant rent a giant Oncorhynchus bodacicus giganticus, a 25x13x8′, 2,510 lbs salmon on wheels!


Wassail Land Care

Wassail is a husband (Mark Doucette) and wife (Hannah Blankenship) team based in Kitsap County. Their focus is to utilize the whole systems of nature to encourage dynamic growth and health in gardens and landscapes and to create and maintain bio-diverse landscapes that provide food and medicine for humans, as well as a healthy habitat for all the other life forms involved. Wassail offers permaculture design, horticulture and landscape services in the West Sound region.

Mark and Hannah (and little Pollen!) are currently working alongside our family to assist with the development of a comprehensive permaculture master plan for our farm. This design will provide a thoughtful approach to stewardship and resiliency of the land and address all the ways in which we will be able to meaningfully serve our community in the years to come.


Heartwood Nursery

Heartwood Nursery is a small-scale, woman-owned nursery located in Port Townsend, Washington. Heartwood is located on a shared, 80-acre parcel that includes a pond, goats, donkeys, chickens and canine companions.

From Heartwood’s website: “Logan Fields started Heartwood Nursery in 2018. Propagating fruits and nuts feels like one of the greatest gifts she can offer in a time that needs more nutritious food, slowing down, practice of thoughtful observation and reflection, soil and water conservation, carbon sequestration -- in general, more trees.

After working on annual vegetable farms for several seasons, it wasn’t until stepping into jobs on fruit and nut tree orchards she felt a true calling. The pace, longevity, resiliency, and generosity  of perennial plants felt like something to be shared with her greater community. Planting, tending, and encouraging perennial food sources felt like a realization of how we can transform our current food system and restore our environment.

Small-scale empowers us to use low-tech management practices. Using appropriate technology, means using hand tools and very limited to no power tools.  Beds are prepped with broadforks and mulched with wheelbarrows; Trees are grafted by hand with single bevel knives; Dormant trees are dug with a spade. Minimizing soil disturbance through low-tech practices encourages microbial life and healthy trees.”


Fern Street Pottery

Fern Street Pottery is a woman-owned business in Indianola, Washington. Meredith combines beautiful organic form with functionality. We’re especially partial to her wood grain vases and mugs but admit to having a bit of an obsession with all of her work; we have several colanders and city “love” mugs in use here at the farm.

From the Fern Street website: “I enjoy the satisfaction of throwing and producing well designed, functional works. Functional pottery should start with form in mind. I design and throw each piece to work at its fullest potential. Coffee cups are designed to keep coffee warm and have a comfortable handle. Bowls have a beautiful curve as well as a lovely rim to hold as the bowl frames the contents within it. I strive for my pottery to have elegance and balance in your hands; it should fit into your life and into your hands in a beautiful, satisfying way.”


Willow & Mabel Garden Co.

Carolyn is the grower, nurturer and artist behind Willow & Mabel, a woman-owned, flower farm and floral design studio located in Poulsbo, Washington. In addition to a seasonal CSA flower share, Carolyn hosts events and classes/workshops throughout the season. Her beautiful bouquets can be purchased at Town & Country Market on Bainbridge Island and at Central Market in Poulsbo. Carolyn is one of the local pioneers of the growing Slow Flower Movement.

From the Willow & Mabel website: “Willow & Mabel Garden Co. believes and growing flowers in the most sustainable way possible. The flowers purchased from our farm will not be treated with chemicals or pesticides. They will of been cut within 24 hours of your purchase and truly will be fresh and safe to have on your kitchen table. If we take care of our land, I land will take care of us.”


Yukon Harbor Trading Company

We’ve known Shannon a long time and have watched her grow her woman-owned business, started in her garage workshop, into a thriving, cottage-industry business (she now has her own studio and is busy seven days a week fulfilling orders) where she continues to design and create stunning and unique handcrafted bags, wallets, dog gear and a number of accessories from leather and waxed canvas.

From the YHTC website: “Bringing back the craftsmanship and high quality ideals of the past, we use materials of the highest quality that are made to last. We source supplies from companies like  Horween Leather, Wickett & Craig, and Hermann Oak; many of which have a long history of production in the United States. Instead of buying inexpensive, cookie cutter, one of a million products that have no character or soul, the items we build have our hard work and spirit imprinted on them. These are goods that are created by individuals, not corporations. Buy once, buy good.”