A boy and his flock.

Our ten year old son, Elliot, loves our flock of over 125 rare/heritage hens and roosters. Every morning, he pulls on his farm boots and heads out to the orchard, at the edge of the pasture, to let the flock out of their chicken coops and to provide them with food and fresh water. He is very particular about this morning process; many of the chickens are picked up, held, talked to (sometimes sang to, many having their favorite song) and then gently released. This time is a magical one for him and his compassionate care has helped to socialize our birds, making them friendly enough that even the youngest of our friends are able to pick them up and hold them.

Elliot has asked that we create this page, to share the photos and videos we take of our flock, so that others might have an appreciation for these lovely, feathered friends. We hope you enjoy.