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Our Farm & Family

Weaving together our experience growing food and flowers the last thirty years, our passion for preserving farmland and our growing knowledge of regenerative agriculture practices, we continue to work towards building soil and land resiliency at our farm through a cohesive sustainable land use approach. As we build upon this plan for future stewardship, we will continue to consider all of the ways in which we are able to meaningfully serve our community, including the ecosystems and biodiversity of the land we inhabit. At the heart of every decision is the well-being of migratory birds, wildlife, native plant species, beneficial insects and soil health.

flower farm in poulsbo

Poulsbo farm, Kistap farm

Poulsbo flower farm, Kitsap farmland preservation

Stacy and Kelsey arrived in Kitsap County in 2000, after graduating from the University of Iowa in 1996 and living for a brief stretch in Portland, Oregon. Born and raised in Iowa City, Iowa, each of us spent our childhood growing food and flowers alongside our families. This passion has been translated to every location we’ve lived together for the last thirty years. This farm is a dream come true and is a reflection of our love of growing and of our passion for farmland preservation.

Our son has been expanding into this life since we moved here in 2017, when he was just eight years old. He cherishes the land and all of the creatures who thrive here; his presence enriches this place.

Poulsbo farm, local flowers in poulsbo, local flowers on Bainbridge Island, local flowers in Kitsap
Poulsbo flower farm
Poulsbo farm 

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