Welcome to our family farm.


Our Beginning

We purchased these fifteen acres in late 2016. Since that time, we have been setting down deep roots, improving soil health and building our farm infrastructure. We are engaged members of our community, having lived in Kitsap County, Washington since 2000. We launched our first Poulsbo business, Grounds for Change, in 2003 which is focused on our values of social justice, environmental sustainability and organic farming practices. From 2014-2016, our family led the community effort to build an accessible, inclusive playground on Bainbridge Island. Having been food lovers (and growers) all of our lives, we are passionate about the stewardship of this agricultural land, farming for the future, accessibility, diversity and inclusion. We are learning and growing along the way and we invite you to join us.


Our Mission

Our mission is based on three principles: Land, Education and Community. This approach informs all of the decisions we make regarding the current and future use of this land.


Regenerative agriculture, including carbon farming, permaculture design, woodland management and wildlife habitat.


Seasonal workshops, camps and classes made accessible to our community and held here at our farm.


Nourishing community through what we grow and raise and through collaboration and cooperation.

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