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The week of August 14th, 2022

In the last three weeks, we've summited mountains, managed one of the longest heat waves in the PNW, and hosted very dear friends for a week from NYC and still... The flowers grew! 

I spent hours the week after our Mt. Adams summit, deadheading and de-budding dahlias which exploded in the heat wave. We were giving fresh water to our Great Pyrenees, barn cats, ducks, geese and chickens three times daily. 

And then our wonderful friends from New York visited and we played. We paddle boarded, hiked my favorite peak in the Olympic Mountains, ate out on our deck every night, rode horses and still... The flowers grew!

Here's what's new and coming on strong this week... (The dahlias are so numerous; you'll just have to do with a couple of favorites from this week.)