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The week of September 11th, 2022

It's always so profound to witness the blooms continuing to unfold in the fields at this time of the year, even as the days grow shorter and as I remain acutely aware of the impending first frost in just a few weeks. 
There's so much in bloom right now.
For the past two years, I have been bringing flowers to our local coffee house, Poulsbohemian, which is just six minutes from our farm. This year, I have shifted from dropping off bouquets to delivering seasonal arrangements. I call this one, which I dropped off this week, "Ode to Summer."
I had the honor of providing flowers for the Bainbridge Island Parks Foundation's annual gala last week. The last two photos include a shot from my flower shed during the harvest for these and one of the mock-up arrangement. I worked with these wonderful humans from 2015-2016, during the Owen's Playground project in memory of our oldest son. I contemplated several times during harvesting for these, on how we cannot never know how the connections we make in our daily lives will evolve and revisit us at some future time. 
Next week is my last flower CSA. I will wrap up my public flower season, and these weekly posts, soon thereafter. As always, it went by so incredibly fast...